Primo Water Corporation


Fostering a Culture of Respect and Honoring Human Rights

While we live in an imperfect world, we are all obligated to do what we can to create a safe environment for ourselves and others. Our company is made up of extraordinary people of every race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and background. True to our values, our focus is on creating a culture that respects and recognizes our differences and reflects the communities we serve. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or retaliation.


Our goal is to create a truly inclusive work culture that ensures diversity of thought is valued across our company and focuses on fundamental human rights. We are committed to recognizing and embracing the whole associate. As part of this process, our associates and senior management are creating detailed and measurable action and operating plans to be incorporated into our strategic plans.

An important area of progress is around diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI“). In the summer of 2020, we created a DEI Strategy Committee – a cross-functional group of diverse associates across Primo that took the lead on formalizing our DEI Commitment:


Primo Water is committed to creating an inclusive organization where we embrace our differences and empower our associates to be authentic and transparent. We recognize implicit bias as an involuntary reality and acknowledge the ways that it can interfere with decision making, assessments, and behavior.

To that end, we are committed to making what is unconscious, conscious, through education promoting self-awareness and tools for minimizing bias for our leaders and associates, policies that support our commitment to inclusivity and the communities that we serve and institutionalizing a One Primo Way culture that puts our values into action.

One Primo Way

We are investing in our associates as never before and working to optimize the associate lifecycle from beginning to end. We know our culture is differentiated by our shared success. We are empowering our associates to embrace diversity of thought, to solve problems faster, and to create innovative solutions in ways that meet our customers’ needs now and into the future. And we are inserting a DEI lens into our selection processes that is deliberate, consistent and ensures that our talent base reflects the diversity of people, of perspectives and experiences that we need to truly be one Primo across the globe.

Our company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides practical direction for how we live our values at work, where we act with integrity and in a safe manner so that our customers, colleagues and communities trust us to do the right thing.

Our commitment to doing the right thing extends beyond the actions of our associates. We expect the same high standards of behavior from our supplier community. Our SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT provides expectations of proper behavior on the part of our suppliers.

As a company, we also support the goals of the CALIFORNIA TRANSPARENCY IN SUPPLY CHAINS ACT OF 2010, which reflects our full compliance with all laws and regulations and our ethical conduct with regard to human rights and labor practices.

Serving our Communities

We are strongly committed not only to the communities we serve, but also to the world at large. After all, our families live, work and play in our local communities – and around the globe.

It is part of our mission to promote hydration and wellness via sponsorships and in-kind donations, and to provide aid in the times of need.

  • We provide bottled water products for local sporting events, culinary and hospitality programs and fundraisers.
  • Associate-supported efforts have contributed time and resources to many regional causes.
  • We recognize that water is a lifeline in the aftermath of hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, and when the public water supply is contaminated or unreliable. We regularly assist communities facing serious health threats due to lack of clean, sanitary drinking water.
  • During times of need, our employees have contributed to fundraising efforts to assist those affected by hurricanes and natural disasters.