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Our formalized governance structure provides a framework to ensure that we are coordinated in implementing our ESG initiatives and that we remain accountable in the execution of those initiatives.


Advancing sound governance over our ESG risks starts with understanding the need for full, fair, accurate and timely disclosure of information in reports and documents. Our commitment to governance can be found in our charters and corporate governance documents.

HRCC Charter February 2023
ESG & Nominating Committee Charter February 2023
Audit Committee Charter February 2023
Water Inventory Data Collection
Data Collection for 2022
Inaugural Report
Global Supplier Code of Conduct
Corporate Governance Guidelines February 2022
Majority Voting and Director Resignation Policy
Code of Ethics for Senior Officers December 2023
Diversity Policy December 2023
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Dec 2023
2022 ESG Report
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CDP Disclosure

As a corporation committed to environmental transparency and securing a 1.5°C world, we recognize the importance of tracking our emission reduction progress. We are proud to disclose our environmental data annually through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) alongside 23,000+ companies.

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GHG Inventory Data

Since our inaugural report in 2020, we’ve improved our greenhouse gas (GHG) data collection and achieved over 90% primary data collection for 2022.

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Water Inventory Data

We’ve also improved our water inventory data collection, achieving 100% primary data for plants and 96% company-wide, an improvement of 6.3% and 68% respectively, compared to 2021.