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At Primo® Water, we know that small changes can make a big impact. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our customers on their journey to healthy hydration and strive to help them inspire their friends, families and neighbors to do the same.


We offer a wide variety of ways for customers to welcome our water into their homes with a unique portfolio of sustainable drinking water solutions. Through our Delivery, Exchange and Refill services, we help customers reduce virgin plastic waste by reusing our 3 and 5 Gallon bulk water bottles.

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High-Quality Water Standards
Our water comes from sustainable sources and is tested to ensure high-quality hydration. With an annual completion of 71,000+ individual certified quality tests on Primo Water Refill machines and 175,000+ individual quality control analyses in our certified labs,* we’re advancing access to clean + safe drinking water.
*Tests performed by accredited, certified laboratories for drinking water
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Affordable, Accessible Hydration
We are continuously aiming to advance access to affordable + high-quality drinking water in sustainable ways. Our Delivery, Exchange and Refill services are all designed to meet our customers’ unique needs + lifestyles, no matter how they choose to hydrate.
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Sustainable Water Solutions
When our customers introduce bulk water into their homes, they’re taking the first step in developing healthier hydration habits + reducing virgin plastic consumption, leading to a more sustainable way to stay hydrated.
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Investing in healthier communities is a large part of our vision for a more sustainable world. That investment comes in the form of direct financial assistance + product donations, support during natural disasters, and internal recruitment, onboarding + training initiatives that ensure we find and retain dedicated associates from the communities we serve.

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Impact Near + Far

Through product donations, direct dollar giving and proceeds from targeted product sales, we’ve contributed over $1 million to causes on a local, national and global scale.

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Community Engagement

Since 2012, we’ve purchased fresh spring water from Bethany Springs, a for-profit entity of Bethany Children’s Home (BCH). BCH is a non-profit residential youth facility that provides therapeutic, educational and recreational services for children healing from trauma.

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Associate Experience

We are committed to reflecting the communities we serve by recognizing and respecting our differences and promoting inclusion however we can. In doing so, we further our efforts to provide conscious care across the entire career cycle—from recruitment and onboarding to career development, recognition and reward.