Primo Water Corporation

What we stand for

Our purpose

Inspiring healthier lives with water your way

Our vision

To become the leading brand in the pure-play water category with a unique portfolio of sustainable drinking water solutions.


We are aligned around a unifying set of strategic pillars across our global business to help drive a differentiated offering for our customers while at the same time providing an engaged and purpose-driven culture for our associates. Through our strategies, we believe we can drive an enhanced customer experience while at the same time leverage our global scale to generate enhanced efficiencies. Our transition to a pure-play water company was the first step on our journey to enhancing value, and we believe our business strategy will enable long-term measurable success in support of our purpose and vision.

We provide a diverse set of water solutions and products for residential, commercial and retail customers. We believe this allows our customers access to on-trend and high-quality drinking water whenever, wherever and however they want it. Our goal is to establish Primo as the preferred water brand in the spaces we compete by increasing customer penetration of our water solutions while also diversifying our customer base. Our financial model is strengthened by the recurring-revenue nature of our business model. Our offering is further enhanced through digital channels allowing customers to manage their delivery and order preferences or purchase products on owned and third-party e-commerce sites of our retail partners.

We focus on new product innovation to drive customer penetration and increased water consumption. We have expanded our dispenser offering with a variety of options that include hot, cold and technology to brew coffee, tea and other beverages in numerous price ranges that are suitable for our retail customer needs. We have also enhanced our lineup with color and style options that are on-trend for residential and commercial settings. Dispenser innovation and enhancements also enable us to improve our service efficiency and reduce service costs.

We position the customer at the center of everything we do. Our goal is to increase the customer lifetime value while also reducing the annual churn of customers. We seek to understand customer needs and listen to their feedback across our product offerings. By providing trusted high-quality products and equipment and responding to their service needs, we believe we can enhance the value of the relationship. We continue to build out interactive digital touchpoints to improve the customer experience.

We believe we can unlock and increase efficiencies through our global scale and product offering. With our pure-play water focus we have begun streamlining and centralizing support functions in all geographies. Additionally, we have enhanced our staff with a global procurement team to help drive valuable supplier partnerships and harmonize our best practices.  In conjunction with our other strategies, as we increase our customer base and customer diversity, we believe our route density and network optimization will improve.

We strive to provide a positive impact on the environment, our associates and the communities where we live, work and service. We maintain sustainable water resources, aim to reduce our carbon footprint and energy usage, and seek to increase the use of recycled packaging. In the social channel, we promote associate health and safety initiatives, as well as diversity and inclusion training for all management. Additionally, we aim to ensure our supplier community complies with all federal, state and local human relations laws and regulations. In the governance channel, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics drives compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.

We are developing a purpose-driven culture that will drive an enhanced associate experience. Our goal is to attract and retain highly-engaged associates who will live our purpose in their interactions with our customers, as well as in their communities. We seek to implement an effective talent strategy that focuses on the entire associate lifecycle – onboarding to exit.

Our values

Our Primo Values reflect our essence and our aspirations for the future. These values provide the guideposts for how we live and interact with our customers, fellow associates, and all in our communities.

  • Healthy Living – We believe in creating healthier lives, healthier communities, and a healthier planet.
  • With a Standard of Excellence – We deliver excellence consistently and reward associates for high performance.
  • Respect for All– We respect and recognize our differences, promoting inclusion. We are committed to reflect the communities we serve.
  • And a Commitment to Do the Right Thing – Always – We value how we work as much as what we achieve. We hold ourselves to the highest standards – and when we make mistakes, we own, fix, learn and grow from them.

Our behaviors

Our behaviors promote a culture centered around our customers that puts our values into action in the ways we lead, partner, serve and make decisions.

  • Welcome and embrace different perspectives to make better decisions
  • Recognize we all have biases and work to grow past them
  • Intervene if someone else is being marginalized
  • Challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest new ideas
  • Think strategically, using data to inform decisions
  • Take smart risks, fail fast and learn
  • Act with a sense of urgency, focusing on results
  • Own it – take accountability and make the tough decisions when needed
  • Say what you think, even if it is uncomfortable
  • Be authentic and transparent with every decision
  • Always ask ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’
  • Search for valuable new information and challenge self-imposed limits
  • Problem solve – Identify root causes, not symptoms
  • Seek to understand our customers’ needs and future possibilities around the world
  • Trust your team
  • Take action and initiative
  • Listen and seek to understand before reacting
  • Provide candid, helpful and timely feedback to colleagues