Primo Water Corporation

What we stand for

Our Vision is to be the leading provider of good-for-you beverages wherever our customers live and work around the world.

Our Values

At Primo, we focus on the acronym REAL which stands for Respect, Excel, Act, and Lead. Our Primo Values reflect our essence and our aspirations for the future. These values guide our behavior, our interactions inside the company, how we make decisions and our relationship with customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. We ask our associates to live by these values, and we believe this focus and mindset assists in the development of not only a satisfied customer base but also a strong and dedicated workforce. These values inspire us to contribute to a successful future.

  • Respect – We ensure honesty and fairness in all we do. We manage our business in a responsible way, with care for communities and the environment, contributing to a sustainable future. Always do the right thing.
  • Excel – Our goal is to excel in everything we do. Our passion for excellence leads us to set high standards and to continuously improve. We strive to exceed the expectations of customers, teammates, communities and shareholders.
  • Act – We act with integrity and are accountable for our decisions, actions and results and behave safely in all we do.
  • Lead – We have the courage to try new ways, to innovate and to lead our industry with quality products and service solutions for consumers.

Our Strategies

The framework to achieve our vision. Translating heart & mind into action.

We are advocates for the transformative effect that drinking quality water can have on your health. We believe that all consumers should have convenient access to quality water for daily consumption, and we offer a full suite of convenient, accessible and sustainable water solutions to meet consumers’ preferences and needs.  Providing high quality drinking water whenever, wherever and however consumers want, including innovative water dispensers, no-contact direct water delivery, pre-filled multi-gallon bottled water and self-service water refill machines available at retail locations, smart water filtration appliances, and a variety of single-use premium water.

We position the customer at the center of everything we do, striving for flawless service on all customer interactions. At Primo, we listen to what our customers are saying and evolve our own practices to meet and exceed their expectations. We are customer-centric and believe a good experience starts with a clear map of the customer journey to align people, processes, and technology touchpoints to deliver the best experience. We are dedicated to improving each and every touchpoint of the customer journey while developing the capability to do so from a technical, service and sales perspective.  We make healthy hydration simple and seek to earn your business for life.

As a leader in water dispensing appliances and water channels, we take great pride in utilizing our scale and core competencies to produce innovative solutions to drive customer growth and, in turn, enhance margins across our businesses. Through the combined efforts of our marketing team monitoring changing consumer demand, our partnerships with large, innovative manufacturing operations, in-house R&D, and the acquisition of relevant intellectual properties, we are able to combine the best resources and technological solutions to drive innovation and, in turn, grow our customer base and top line as well as leverage our cost structure.

We have been integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into our daily operations and risk management approaches for many years. Sustainability and carbon neutrality are core beliefs and part of our DNA. Our European operations have been carbon-neutral for eight years running, and we have implemented sustainable water practices across our footprint through partnership with highly respected organizations, such as the International Bottled Water Association and Watercoolers Europe.

Our associates are proud of the company vision and are advocates of our products. We have been and will continuously strive to provide an unmatched place to work for our associates, through competitive pay and training, as well as opportunities for growth. We will strive to balance our associates’ experience between quality of life, pay, incentives, rewards, training and recognition.

Over the last several years through accretive acquisitions and divestiture of non-core assets, Primo has transformed into a leading pure-play water company.  With a singular focus in water, Primo is positioned to succeed in the higher-growth, higher-margin water category.  Primo remains dedicated to driving strong cash flows, paying its staple dividend, and thoughtfully utilizing capital deployment to enhance its investor profile.